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You will be hearing a lot from me.
I just got added.
I work @ a Dollar Tree, in Tallahassee Florida.
I have been working for this company since 2002.
I am about to move, therefore i'm quitting & VERY happy to be rid of this job!!

Bullshit, this job.

This is somthing that happened last week.

i was at my register, and my boss was across from me @ another register, w/ a lady that wanted us to blow up latex balloons (from a package we sell) for her.
My boss told her "no, we don't blow those kinds up." (because helium is expensive & we don't have any way of charging this kind of thing on our registers.)
The customer then asked, "Do you have any plain ones?" (talking about the Mylar ones, we DO blow up) & my boss says, "Yes, numbers 19 through 23." (which are up on the wall, displayed, alongside all the other birthday & etc occasion balloons, numbered 1-30 so all can see...)
You can kinda see what i mean by this picture, here:

(except we have ours numbered)

The woman asks, "Are they $1.00 also?"
My boss replies, "Yes..."
my reaction in my head was:
"No, they're free..."
They're just up there in the MIDDLE of all the other DOLLAR ones, beside the

'EVERYTHING's A DOLLAR' painting on the wall!
fucking dumbass.

She was Maybe 60.

i hate them. i hate them all...

Doing a survey, #16 made me want to post it on here, along w/ my other rant.

16. Who was the last person to piss you off?
piss ME off?! are you kidding?! uh..i get mad so easily..lol
Uh. the dumbass lady that said she couldn't find HAIRSPRAY down aisle 5 like i told her, then 2+ hours later, i find boxes to work down that aisle & see 5 different kinds of hairspray in the exact spot i tell her it was at....god damn dumbass.
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