let it bleed (fighttheirs) wrote in shitlisted,
let it bleed

living at home.

what gets me heated...

is when my parents go grocery shopping, which is like EVERY OTHER DAY
so whenever I go into the local store I feel kind of embarassed because my parents go there so often they probably know us!
that part doesnt bother me that much, but when there is an excess of food like we are going into a nuclear winter, THAT SHIT pisses me off.
-people that don't text back. makes me mad. how hard is it to text someone? NOT THAT HARD. it's the least you can do...

-not being able to enjoy sleeping, thats a shitter.

-people that take 30 minute showers every day... why do you need to be so clean? SAVE SOME WATER FOR THE WHALES assholes.

-people that drive around aimlessly, ok go around and talk about global warming..... you're smart!

-men/boys that flirt too much with the wrong people. if you have kids and a "wife" go be with them!

-arrogant people that talk about politics.



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