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i work at a grocery store...and i HATE it when the customers think that just because you work there, you know EVERYTHING about what's on the damn shelves!
i had this one  lady ask me if i knew where the oranges were imported from! umm, usually you ask the produce manager on that one, dumbass!!!
or i have dummys asking me when the next shipment of yogurt is coming in!!!!! when i NEVER work in the backrooms at all!!!!!!!!!!!!
then i had a real bitch tellin me how to bag her fuckin food! "now dont make it too heavy!" or  "i want the bread double-bagged!"(like a featherweight bag of bread will break through the fuckin bag!! -_-' ) 
and we have two types of shopping carts:  small ones for seniors and the regular ones, which will obviously NOT FIT TOGETHER!!!!  but i still see idiots trying to jam the little ones in the big ones(or vice versa), tryin to get their measly quarter back....then they jam 10 carts together, leaving me having a "fun" time trying to pry them apart!!! -_-'

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